Jeremy Renner reveals how he broke his arms on the set of Tag

Update of December 31, 2020: On the occasion of the first broadcast of Tag on television (meeting at 9:05 pm on TFX), we are republishing this article on the behind the scenes of its creation, initially published in 2018. For this film telling the true story of a cat game gone awry between friends, its lead actor, Jeremy Renner, severely injured both arms. Well cared for, he was fortunately able to heal quickly, but this still impacted the rest of the shots … Note that he will soon be returning as Hawkeye in his own Marvel series, which is currently filming.

Interview of June 7, 2018: Jon Hamm  revealed on the set of the  Ellen Show  that  Jeremy Renner , with whom he will share the poster soon in  Tag , had broken both arms, only three days after the start of filming. Tom Cruise  will certainly laugh about it, because  Jeremy Renner  admitted to  Entertainment Weekly that he injured himself while filming a scene where he had to climb thirty stacked chairs. The actor fell from six meters high because of an armature that broke.

“When it failed, I fell on both my arms which broke,” said the comedian who admitted to having some pain, but not to the point of thinking he had broken his arms. He also did a take again before realizing that something was really wrong.

“I realized something was wrong. So I went to the hospital and they told me it was broken. So I was in a cast, I went back to work and I did. whatever I could, ”  said  Jeremy Renner . “I couldn’t turn my hands but I could move my arms up and down like a robot.”

Jeremy Renner  went on to explain that the first week of filming following his injury was particularly rough, as his arms were swollen. Once deflated, the actor wore splints and worked with a physiotherapist throughout the production.

The actor also returned to Jon Hamm’s wacky interview   with  Ellen Degeneres , who mentioned the use of green casts on his arms, which were reworked in post-production. It was absolutely not, except during the famous chair climbing scene.

“When I came back to shoot, I wasn’t pushed aside, they put a sleeve on me. I didn’t want to take risks right after I broke them. But I think ‘they didn’t need to use any special effects other than the chair scene, because everything else went well. “

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