Pulp Fiction: Quentin Tarantino says more about the character

Who was the man hidden in this very disturbing SM jumpsuit?
He is perhaps the most enigmatic (if not disturbing) character in Pulp Fiction . La Crampe (The Gimp in the original version) appears in a key scene from Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece , when Butch and Marsellus Wallas find themselves tied up and gagged in the basement of Maynard’s shop after a chase in the streets of Los Angeles. When the tension is at its height, Maynard leaves to find the one he calls La Crampe, locked in a trunk. An imposing man dressed in a black tight-fitting jumpsuit SM from head to toe enters the room. Tied by a chain, the man is responsible for monitoring Butch while Maynard and Zed take care of Marsellus.

In an interview for Esquire , Quentin Tarantino says more about this oh so disturbing character and the end that was reserved for him: ” It is not very clear in the film, but in my head when I wrote it, La Crampe Butch knocks him out and hangs himself when he passes out. He was a hitchhiker or a guy they had picked up seven years ago (Maynard and Zed, the policeman) , and they trained him to become the perfect victim. “

The director took advantage of the interview to share an anecdote about the character and actor Jon Lovitz, from Saturday Night Live. The two actors knew each other. ” I heard something funny about Jon Lovitz, who knew Stephen Hibbert, the guy who plays La Crampe, from The Groundlings. Jon watches Pulp Fiction for the first time and says’ What the hell is this? ” He stays in the movie theater while the credits scroll on the screen and sees the name of Stephen appear. He shouted “WHAT? I know the Cramp ?!”

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