James Bond: Gemma Arterton regrets her role in Quantum of Solace

“I was 21, on a student loan, and then it was a James Bond movie”

Gemma Arterton is far from delighted with the character she played in Quantum of Solace , the second James Bond film worn by Daniel Craig. In an interview with the Sun , the actress looks back on the role of Strawberry Fields, responsible for intercepting Bond and bringing him back to MI6. But 007 ends up seducing her, then leaves on a mission. Upon her return, Fields was murdered. “  I’m still being criticized for having accepted Quantum of Solace , but I was 21, a student loan, and then it was a James Bond movie ,” says Arterton. “  As I got older, I realized all the problems around the Bond Girls. Strawberry should have simply refused (the advances of Bond, Editor’s note) and worn flats “.

Unanimously regarded as the worst James Bond of the Craig era, Quantum of Solace still grossed $ 589 million at the global box office when it was released in 2008. And since then, the Bond writers have put some effort into the characters. women who surround the secret agent … As such, Dying can wait , for the moment expected in theaters on March 31, should be a small revolution on the scale of the franchise.

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